Can a Blood Test Detect Smoking Cigarettes ?

The question of whether smoking detecting in the blood analysis is highly asked by a lot of peoples.

The answer to this question is YES.

It is appropriate to talk briefly about Smoking before proceeding.

What are the Smoking’s Harm ?

Smoking’s damages are well known today.


Bone Marrow Cell Damage

Lung Cancer

Breast Cancer

Lip Cancer

Larinks Cancer

Throat Cancer

Gastric Cancer





Skin problems are the most important.

The most effective way to get rid of this insidious and dangerous enemy is quitting.

Let us come to the question question:

Can Smoking be Detected on Blood Analysis ?

This is a frequently asked question most smokers because they are afraid of their spouses, friends and family.

The answer is yes but not easy.

Smoking has around 4000 toxic substances.

Nicotine is the most well-known and the most effective of all.

Nicotine is a stimulant. It can enter the Body via smoking, direct contact of skin or oral mucosa.

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System ?

It depends on the amount of nicotine use, the genetic structure, the age of the person, the drugs it takes and the nicotine source.

Nicotine is transformed into the metabolite named Cotinine in the Body.

It stays in the body for about 2 to 11 hours. It continue to stay longer in some tissues, such as Sputum, Urine, Blood and Hair.

How Long Can Cotinine (Smoking) be Determined ?

In the Hair follicles, Nicotine and Cotinine can be detected up to 3 months, even among heavy smokers this time can extend to 1 year.

Saliva testing can detect the use of nicotine (as cotinine) up to 4 days.

With Urine test, Cigarette smoking can detect up to 2-4 days, but sometimes this time can be as long as 20 days among passive smokers.



Blood test can detect up to 10 days.

Which Kind Of Tests are Used to Determine Nicotine Levels ?

Mainly there are four test type for detecting the nicotine levels;

Urine Test : Urine tests are frequently used because it is cheaper and easier.

Saliva Test : The most sensitive test for the determination of cotinine and thus nicotine.

Hair Test : This test is the most reliable test but it is very expensive and is not done anywhere.

Blood Test: The blood test is most often used for “people who have recently smoked or how much they drank”.

It determines both Nicotine and Cotinine, so it is quite reliable.

In Summary, the answer of the question, “Will it be certain I smoke a blood test” is YES, but dont panic, the laboratories that can do this are very few in many cities.