Esbach Test and Esbach Albuminometer Procedure

The Esbach Method or Assay is a reliable but simple method of Protein measurement that has been used for many years to measure the amount of Albumin in the Urine.

The method is based on the precipitation of Albumin with an Esbach Reagent (Citric acid and Picric acid) added to Urine in a tube called an Albuminometer.

The collapsed portion is found using the scale of the Tube and the result is reported as gr/L.

Today it is still used in many Laboratories because it is simple and reliable.

I also use the Esbach method sometimes as an alternative to the Turbidimetric instrument kit in my own Laboratory.



How to Perform the Esbach Method ?

First, check whether the urine is sufficiently acidic because if it is Alkaline, the results can be measured incorrectly.

Urine pH should be at least 7 and below, if necessary, acidified by adding 10 % Acetic acid.

In addition, Urine density should not be too much. The density should be 1010 and below. If it is higher, it may give erroneous results.

The density is reduced by adding distilled water to the urine at a density of 1010 and above, and the result is also multiplied by this dilution factor.

The urine must be filled up to the U mark of the Tube, and the Esbach reagent up to the R mark.

The mouth of the Tube is closed and thoroughly mixed 5-6 times gently.

The Tube is sealed in a dark environment and stored in an upright position for 24 hours.

There are between 0.5 and 12 marked numbers in the Tube.

If there is a collapsed part after 24 hours, it is read from the corresponding part.

The result is given as gr/L Albumin.

Creatinine, Resin and other acids other than Albumin collapse with this method, but still does not constitute a problem to prevent Healthy information.

Esbach Reagent Preparation :

10 g of Picric acid + 20 g Citric acid is completed in 1000 cc distilled water.

In doing so, the acids are slowly added to the water or can be bubbling and splashing.

However, commercial ready-made Esbach reagents are sold, ready, and don’t deal.




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