Urine Ketone Positive Cause and Conditions ?

Ketone excretion in Urine, in other words to beccome positive, are seen primarily prolonged hunger, heavy exercise, Pregnancy and Diabetes, but also can be the harbinger of dozens of diseases.

Why is Done Urine Ketone Test ?

For routine control in Hospitalized and pre-operative patients, pregnant women, children and patients with Diabetes.

It is used to evaluate the severity of Acidosis and the effectiveness of treatment.

It usually provides more reliable and rapid information than blood tests in the diagnosis of Acidosis.

It also appears in the urine before the Ketone Bodies appear in the blood.

Causes of Ketone Positivity in Urine ?




Extreme Fat diet

Prolonged Diarrhea


Low Carbohydrate Nutrition

Increased fat metabolism

Reduced carbohydrate intake or excess fat is seen in the diet

Diabetes (Ketoacidosis)

Renal Glycosuria

Von Gierke Disease (Glycogen Storage Disease)



Fever diseases



Acute Diseases

Severe Exercise

After anesthesia such as Ether and Chloroform

Drugs (Levodopa, Merkaptoetan sulfonic acid, Phenylpuric acid, Phenylsulfoftalein, Phenothiazines, Insulin, Alcohol, Metformin, Penicillamine, Pyridinium, Captopril)

Causes of Low Ketone Levels ?

Lond-waited urine (Ketones flies)

They are not normally found in urine.



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