What Does Positive and Negative Blood Test Mean ?

What is a Positive or Negative results in a Blood Test, in other words, What Does Positive or Negative Blood Test Mean ?.

In this article we will try to answer these questions as a summary.

What Does a “Negative” Result in Blood Analysis Mean ?

The results of some tests in Laboratory reports are specified as ”Positive“ or  “Negative”. Negative results can sometimes be perceived as badly situation by patients.

Whereas the Negative result indicates that “the assayed substance is not present“.

This is a good thing in almost all cases.

For Example;

In the Test Result below, Patient’s VDRL result was NEGATIVE. This is roughly the case that “the patient does not have Syphilis bacteria or disease at that time“, so it is a good thing.



Negative in a Fecal Blood Test means “No blood is hidden in the stool, even if there is little”, which is a good thing.

If the test result was “Positive”, it would mean “There are blood in the stool”.

In summary, if you see  the “Negative” results in a Blood test, do not be afraid. Generally, it is a good result.

What does a “Positive” Result in Blood Analysis Mean ?

A positive result indicates that “the wanted substance is in the person in“, that is, the disease or substance sought as a result of the test is detected in the person’s sample.

A positive result is “often undesirable“.

For Example;

In the Test Result below, Patient’s HIV result was POSITIVE. This is roughly the case that the patient does have HIV virus or disease at that time, so it is a bad thing.



In rare cases, the result is desired to be Positive.

For Example;

If a person has Hepatitis B vaccine, the “Anti-HBs” test result should be Positive. This shows that the person is now immune to Hepatitis B.

In some cases, the positive result is either insignificant or very frequent.

For Example;

The “Anti-HAV IgG” test is Positive in many people, that is, most healthy people have encountered Hepatitis A virus at some time in their lives, and the antibody is formed.

You can also watch our annotated video below ;




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